Mega 8 - Exactly what YOUR body craves!

Mega 8 - Exactly what YOUR body craves!

What is Mega 8?

Wonder Foods Mega 8 is the ultimate blend of eight organic superfoods!

Each scoop of Mega 8 delivers a nutrient-rich boost to your day with:

  • raw cacao,
  • goji berry,
  • spirulina,
  • green barley grass,
  • acai berry,
  • moringa leaf,
  • camu camu,
  • chlorella (cracked cell),

Sweetened naturally with stevia and thaumatin, Mega 8 is free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, and sweeteners, ensuring a clean and wholesome experience.

Whether you're vegan or simply seeking a GMO-free option, Mega 8 is your go-to solution for sustained energy and vitality.

Flip the switch to Mega 8 and embrace the power of organic nutrition!

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Mega 8: Your Ultimate Organic Superfood Blend

Raw Cacao: Energising and Antioxidant-Rich

  • Provides natural energy boost
  • Rich in antioxidants for overall health

Goji Berry: Immune-Boosting and Anti-Aging

  • Supports immune system function
  • Contains anti-aging properties

Spirulina: Nutrient-Dense and Detoxifying

  • Packed with essential nutrients
  • Supports detoxification processes in the body

Green Barley Grass: Alkalising and Digestive Support

  • Helps balance body's pH levels
  • Supports healthy digestion

Acai Berry: Antioxidant-Packed and Heart-Healthy

  • High in antioxidants to combat oxidative stress
  • Supports heart health and overall well-being

Moringa Leaf: Nutrient-Rich and Anti-Inflammatory

  • Contains a variety of essential nutrients
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

Camu Camu: Vitamin C-Rich and Immune Supportive

  • High in vitamin C for immune system support
  • Helps maintain overall health and vitality

Chlorella (Cracked Cell): Detoxifying and Nutrient-Rich

  • Supports detoxification and removal of heavy metals.
  • Provides essential nutrients for optimal health.

Naturally Sweetened with Stevia and Thaumatin: Clean and Wholesome

  • Sweetened naturally with extracts from the stevia leaf and katemfe fruit.
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, and sweeteners.


Why Choose Mega 8?

• Mega 8 unleashes sustained energy and vitality to keep you going strong throughout your day.

• Perfect fit for vegans and those seeking GMO-free goodness

• Delivers a holistic mix of organic superfoods for total wellness.


 Experience the transformative power of organic nutrition with Mega 8 from Wonder Foods!

You can have all the benefits when you order Wonder Foods Mega 8

wonder foods mega 8
DISCLAIMER: Please consult your Healthcare Practitioner before radically changing your nutrition or diet. 
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