5 Tips to Improve your Bedroom for Sleep

5 Tips to Improve your Bedroom for Sleep

In the last ten years there has been a surge of research and commentary about the benefits (necessity!) of good sleep. 

Most of the discussion is focused on 'sleep routines'. 

But you're going to learn how to set your bedroom up to improve your quality of sleep. 

1. Dark

Any light that sneaks into your room has the potential to negatively affect your sleep.

Think about getting black out curtains. Or physically covering a source of light (make sure it won't catch on fire!). 

2. No Electricity. 

Before you sleep, unplug everything you can in your room. 

Unplug your TV.

Swap your plug-in alarm clock for a battery powered one. 

Leave your phone outside your room to charge. 

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3. Silence

The quieter your room, the better it is for you.

But if you live near a busy road, or there is frequently noise disturbances, your next best option is to aim for white noise

White noise will drown out the other noises.

There are plenty of apps explicitly for this and Spotify has a truckload of options too. 

You can use the 'static' sound or choose the sounds of rain, wind, the ocean or a river. 

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4. Temperature

Ideally, the temperature of your room should be 18 degrees. 

But we both know that isn't always going to happen. 

Having an air conditioner or fan can help cool your room.

(And they could also help with white noise.)

If possible, aim to have your feet warm, torso cooler and your head the coolest. 

5. Cave

The simplest way to think of your bedroom is this:

Does it resemble a Cave?

  • Is it dark?
  • Is it electricity-free?
  • Is it quiet?
  • Is it cool?

Embrace these five tips and your sleep will improve. 

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